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My name is Patrick Jones, father of 5 beautiful kids. I want to get real with you for a minute. Let this video tell inspire you with my story.

Then where all those picture are, please put a video box and any you tube video inside. I will give you the actual you tube video later.It was hard. For 15 years I hid my eating disorder and nobody knew about it. I thought nothing was wrong and it was normal. I thought this is just how life was and nobody would care anyway.I would run to the same gas station each night for 7 years from 2009-2016 and spend 20-30$ worth of food. I then would eat the food in my car very fast hoping my personal training client didn’t see buy all this food.I was stuffing down the pain.

The responsibility, and the challenges of being a new dad that I did not want to deal with. I was stuffing down anxiety, stress and old patterns that developed when I was a kid.I was sedating. Not feeling.It got worse and worse over time. I would start binging at 8am and go through midnight and beyond. I’d binge between personal training sessions as if nothing even happened.I would go to the movie theater at night 3-4x a week and bring $50-100 of food in a backpack inside to isolate and “check out.”

This was going on for over a decade!

I thought by moving to Florida in 2004 it would just magically all go away. I thought by moving to California it would solve my problem and get me to stop binging and purging.I thought by moving to New Jersey in 2007, Manhattan in 2008 and to Connecticut in 2009 It be be a fresh start and would change me!I thought getting married and having kids would stop me from binging so much because I’d just have them to take care of them.

Nope, nope, nope and nope again.I was running from reality. My self.I wasn’t ready for change.For many years though, I knew the day would come and I would be on the other side of this. I felt it, that one day it would happen.I could see myself having a healing and loving relationship with my self and food. I could see myself having great relationships with my wife and kids and could see my self no longer binging and purging ever again!

Since 2005, I have had strong visions of writing a book and telling my story, and sharing my message on stage to crowds of thousands.The stronger the vision, the stronger the urge. When the vision came, the heavy daily binging took over.It woneverytime. I was defeated.

There came to a point in late 2016 where it got so bad and so uncontrollable, six to seven times a day.Morning to night, nonstop.My life was on the line.If I stuck my fingers down my throat at this rate I was going to die.Something in my esophagus would tear and I would get throat cancer.

I made the decision to stop.I did, nobody else made it for me.I put my self in a facility for 30 days in the winter of 2016 where I could no longer engaged in those behaviors and could learn to heal and love my self again.

My life changed drastically since that and now I am living what I call the binge-free lifestyle.I want you know that whatever you are struggling with…
whether it’s being overweight, obese, or struggling with a food addiction, overeating, under eating, or any type of eating disorder. Or maybe you’re a skinny guy and want to gain weight, or it’s binge eating or bulimia.

You can overcome it.You can make peace with it and your self. YOU CAN HEAL.You can achieve anything you want to achieve and live the binge-free lifestyle.

This is a lifestyle where:

You are no longer obsessing about binge eating, or the constant thoughts about over eating or eating too much and when and planning all of this.You no longer live in that black or white mentality that you cannot eat certain foods in your diet or else you cheated and might as well keep eating “bad” or binging.

You can eat a crab at night and not freak out and get all obsessed that you messed up.You can skip a meal accidentally and it is OK and it wasn’t planned or part of diet.You can be a normal eater again and live the binge-free lifestyle! Now I am here to help you live this binge-free lifestyle.I can do this through my “Binge-Free Dad” Podcast, videos, speaking engagements, 1 on 1 coaching, my programs, products and interactions.

Please say hi to me on Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram as I would to help you in anyway I can.Always remember you were put on this earth for a reason and for a bigger purpose than you may even know right now.You may be struggling with food, getting back on track, binge eating, weight loss or anything..But the only person that can recognize all of these behaviors and do something about it is YOU! Nobody is going to give you the answers on how to solve your challenges, only you know what to do deep down inside!

YOU can change any outcome with the decisions you make.You can have it all!Your dreams matter because YOU matter! I am so happy you are here and we are on this journey together.

You are loved.

Patrick Jones

I can help you create a healthy relationship with food

I have been in your shoes and I will meet you where your at! I have a trained background as a Psychology Eating Coach and can help you with binge eating, overeating, stress eating and more


I can help you lose

I have been up and down in weight my entire life. I know the struggle and it can end now! I can help you create sustainable long term weight loss

Patrick Jones is a health and wellness consultant, dad of 5 kids, and co-author of forthcoming book “For The Win” with Rudy Ruettiger from the hit movie Rudy.He is the founder and CEO of Reshape Corporate Wellness & BingeFreeDad.com and is the one of the nation’s leading experts on inspiring individuals to take control of their health through nutrition and exercise. He hosts top rated weekly podcast, ‘The Binge-Free Dad Show ’ where he shares is passion of health and past struggles of binge eating to the world.

He is a licensed nutritionist and certified eating psychology practitioner and nationally known expert in the areas of food and our relationship to it. Patrick has been a certified personal trainer for almost two decades, a certified reiki master practitioner, and trained as a 200 hour yoga teacher since 2011.

Patrick is known for his energetic passion and engaging speaking abilities in front large audiences.  From consulting with fortune 500 companies on how to create a healthier culture in companies to sharing his powerful story of how he overcame a 15-year living eating disorder bulimia and binge eating up to 5x per day. To now teaching individuals what he calls the binge-free lifestyle, happy, healthy and free.

Patrick has been a guest on several nationally recognized shows on Bravo, MTV, NBC, ABC and Dr, Oz. He has been a guest expert numerous times on CT News 12 television news segments and is a published writer, having written several articles on health, fitness and nutrition. In 2004, Patrick was chosen out of 10,000 personal trainers as a finalist in the first ever, personal training apprentice hunt to mentor with legendary Phil Kaplan. In 2012 he co-hosted five day a week radio show, Fit You, on the worlds 1st fitness radio with over 80,000 listeners. Patrick is dedicated to helping companies create successful ROI-driven corporate wellness programs and helping individuals achieve their best self through nutrition and exercise.

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