Let Me Show You How Easy It Is To Create Healthier Long-Term Habits That Will Change Your Life!

52 Week - Habits For Life! Coaching Program

Here’s What You Get 

Me & You 1 on 1, Every Single Day

During the entire program you will have unlimited access to me 1 on 1 so I can ensure you reach your habit based goals. You will be able to message me personally in a special app that is dedicated for just you and me 1 on 1.

Initial Deep Dive Call

You will have a face-to-face video call to discuss your past experiences, goals, strengths, and weaknesses to establish a baseline assessment for us to work with. We will tackle your biggest challenges your having right now and make a plan of action for you to follow.

 (4) On-Demand Calls For Your Most Pressing Needs

There will be times In the program where you will need more support. You may be struggling with something an you need me to help you get through the challenge your facing. That is why during the 52 week program you will get (4) calls with me “on-demand”any time you need them.

Access To Our Health Habit Tracking App

I will link up all your habits to track all in one place inside an app! You will track your nutrition habits, sleep habits, stress habits, workout habits, and even track steps with zero effort on your part! With this powerful technology I can ensure that you hit your goals in a way that has NEVER been possible before in this industry.

Instant Messaging With Me

Get in touch with me in real time. No more fielding emails, text messages, Facebook messages, and messages anywhere else you may try to get a hold of me.

Weekly Goal Setting & Action Plans

Each week I will review your goals and habits we set from the week before to ensure your on track all virtually online through your special habit tracking app. I will make suggestions on what new habits to add or change based on how well you did in the week before to ensure success.

Accountability & Coaching

This is not a generic plan that is cookie cutter. I am going to coach you and keep you focused, even if you get off track. That is the value of a coach and not being in some group based program like Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers. You’ll track your habits to hit each day and I will be able to see what you did and did not accomplish. I am here to support your goals and will keep you on track!

Nutrition & Eating Support

I am a licensed nutritionist and eating psychology practitioner and you have all my support, knowledge and expertise when it comes to this conversation. Nutrition is a vital key component in creating new long lasting lifestyle habits and reach personal health goals!

Workout & Training Support

I am going to guide you to ensure you have a exercise plan each week. It may be as simple as walking for 20 minutes per day or recommendations of what you should do for workouts.

Get Control Of Your Health With Smart Habits

I am not going to put you on some weird diet or give you time-consuming workouts. Everything in this program is about creating long lasting habits, one at a time. Each week gain master in one or two new habits and gain control of your health in the long term.

I Will Help You Create Healthier Long-Term Habits That Will Change Your Life!

The Goal Is To Help You Exercise, Eat, Sleep And Live Better Irrespective Of Life, Travel And Family Commitments

I will motivate you to reach your health and fitness goals by tracking your activity, exercise, sleep, weight—and I will hold you accountable!

Your Own Exclusive Personal Habit App

This is so much more than just working out and getting a meal plan to get results. I will monitor your daily habits from nutrition, to number of steps to sleep to ensure you stay on track.

As a member of Habits For Life! Coaching Program you’ll get exclusive access to our dedicated app that will record your activity allow us to message 1 on 1 and keep you on track for the entire 52 weeks.

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