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I lost 19lbs in 10 days!


I lost 55lbs of fat & leaned out my entire body!


I lost 4 inches off my waist!


I lost 15lbs of fat in my belly!


I lost 7olbs in 7 months !

Kelly, Stamford

I took Patrick's week long program. I lost 4 pounds. I have a lot more energy since I started! I now get up in the morning and exercise before I do anything else. The program was great. Patrick was great as a 1:1 coach. He is very supportive and is always there to answer questions. I recommend his programs.


I have to say that I would have never seen these changes in me if it wasn't for Patrick! He is awesome he gave me the push I needed to get started! Talking with him and being able to get the negative thoughts out of my head was a big part of my accomplishments. He was a great support. I have to admit I was a bit nervous at first but he is a very easy person to talk to and he made me feel comfortable because I felt he understood what I was going through. Having that coach to guide me and be there helped me to stay on course and keep pushing! I felt that that not only did I have to prove it to myself but also to a person that believed that I could do it. -Tina

Yasmeen Rafiquee , Centreville Virginia

Patrick's service is not cheap, but it's alot less than what I've paid over the years on gyms, fitness equipment and diets that don’t work! I didn't know what else do to after trying all these things, even tho I hesitated over and Over again to try it. My clothes did not fit and I was tired of way I looked in the mirror. Then I met Patrick, he empowered me to change my self and the way I look and feel with a whole approach with nutrition and exercise combined. Most trainers don't Care, but Patrick and Reshape Fitness was different. With his initial Nutrition Assessment he took the time, even EXTRA time to make sure I understood why the diet failed me and I blamed my self for the past 10 years and never took control of my body. I was finally ready to change after and ever since then have lost 15 lbs and 5% body fat working with Patrick over the last 6 months. Thank you over and over again. Coach Yari Boca Raton, Florida www.getfitin6.com

David Cuccinota

Dear Patrick: Just wanted to take this time to thank you for the time you spent with me and instructing me on the best way to stay healthy and loose weight. It is a pleasure having you to instruct me and show me healthy ways of loosing weight. I have been to other trainers and several gyms but never came away with the knowledge I gained from you. The nutritional information you shared with me was so important to what I wanted to obtain. Many facts given to me was information that other trainers never took the time to fully explain. All the information given has helped me over and over and over again to make the right choices for a healthy diet. I never understood why several diets I tried in the past never really seemed to work. Thanks to your explanation of how diets work, I now understand what I was doing wrong and setting myself up for disappointment. I never knew the importance of speeding my metabolism to reach my goal. Exercise to increase metabolism is more important than I ever knew. Your plan of setting up a program for individuals and not groups is exactly what I have been searching for. So many trainers in the past have put me on programs that were designed for other people but my trainer thought the program would be best for me also. That was never proven true as my poor diet and weight training always seemed to fail. I have a new confidence since meeting you that I can accomplish many goals that I set my sights on. Your program is so unique and is very exciting having a couple of sessions with you. I now believe through your guidance and help I can accomplish goals before I never really thought I could. Thank you so much for your kindness, patience and confidence you have shown me since meeting you. Sincerely, David Cucinotta Coach Yari Boca Raton, Florida www.getfitin6.com

Tara Rosendale, NYC

I had many trainers in the past, and no one has matched up to Patrick. After meeting Patrick for the first time, I came out with so much knowledge on nutrition and the basics of fitness. His style of training not only motivates you, and he focuses on how your body reacts and lets you be in control while getting results. The nutrition aspect helped me out tremendously. Before, I was going about it all wrong with my eating pattern, and now I have it down Correctly to a "T". Patrick has set up my own special healthy eating program for life and I feel great! I have lost 5 pounds, lost 3 inches in my waist and overall I have so much more energy! My body feels tighter and I no longer feel the jiggles. Not only will I continue with Patrick, but I will recommend him to anyone that needs a fully knowledgeable trainer that gives you results! Thanks Patrick!


In 3 short weeks, I had definition in my abs and arms that I had never been able to achieve before. Who would have thought that 45 minutes, 3 days a week, could make such a difference! Patrick pushes you, but not to the point where you don't want to come back. I've walked out of exercise classes before because the instructors acted entitled and like know-it-alls, which is NOT motivating when you're just trying to be healthy and workout. Patrick knows that everyone in the group has different limits. Not only does he acknowledge that, but he encourages you to do what you can, just so long as you keep trying. I definitely can see more tone in my abs (wahoo!) and arms. I did lose some weight, which definitely wasn't my intention. And I'm sure I lost more body fat, but didn't look at the numbers. This all happened in just 3 short weeks! If you are reading this that means you need to try get into boot camp and join! More specifically people who want to feel better, have more energy, and see REAL changes in their body. Even if you simply want to lift your mood, Patrick can and will do that. I'd encourage anyone who wants to be healthier to at least give it a shot. We all need to find what is best for ourselves. Thank you so much!! -Amanda

Kristina L, Greenwich

I decided to join boot camp because I had just had a baby and wanted to tone up my body overall. I was frustrated that I had no more strength and boot camp was able to return that to me. I went from doing 1 push up to doing 20 pushups. It was incredibly energizing to me to be able to see and feel the difference in my strength and tone.

Joanna, Stamford

I have been a life long battle with my weight. I have tried many diets and exercise programs and gain short results. Before Patrick, I was walking daily and following an eating plan, but not seeing the results I wanted. I the three weeks with Patrick, I have lost 3% body fat and 3' from my hips (down 2 pants sizes). I have never had results this fast. BY exercising first thing in the morning, I was able to get it done consistently and not blow it off because of work or being to tired. It's done for the day before I got to work. If you want fast long lasting results, sign up today for Patrick's Boot Camp

Christine, Stamford

Before boot camp I tried almost every fad diet and fad work out program out there. None of them worked. Every time I'd take the weight off, I'd stop the program and all the weight would come back. Being disappointed in myself effected my entire life. I found myself not wanting to leave my house, or wanting to put myself out there often. My relationships with everyone suffered. I knew what kind of person I could be, so I didn't like the feeling of not achieving my goals. One day I saw Reshape and decided to try it because I was tired of feeling so disappointed and down on myself. Reshape by Patrick is different than other programs I've tried because everyone cares about one another. There isn't a competition with each other, and if there is, it's completely healthy and fun. Everyone wants to see each other succeed. I've never met instructors who cared about each and every one of their members. The whole program is a positive experience. I also enjoy the eating plans because you're eating "real" food. Instead of just crash dieting, I am learning to prepare food that tastes good and is good for me. And I am teaching my whole family (mother, father, boyfriend and son) better eating habits. I have more energy at work, and all around seem to have a better attitude about life. Also both my weight and body fat have decreased since starting the program!!!!

Melissa, Stamford

I pulled out my summer clothes earlier in the week and discovered that a bunch if my old clothes didn't fit. I just left the store where I bought a size smaller! I am now in the single digit sizes! I don't think I've seen a single digit pant size since middle school. This is incredibly exciting! I love Reshape - I like that the classes are always different and changing -- keeps me coming back for more (even when I can't walk for two days!!) I am happy with my results -- I especially like the variety of the classes, combining cardio and strength, kickboxing, etc. to give a good overall workout each week.
I love each instructor and get a great workout from each one. I absolutely love the addition of the kickboxing class and the "female touch" with Anya -- the creativity of Gustavo and Patrick make the overall experience wonderful!

Matt, Norwalk

My name is Matt McDonald, and I'm a 38-year-old father of 2 living in Stamford. I've struggled with my weight my entire life, and since having children I've watched my weight steadily increase over the past several years. I felt powerless to do anything about it until I joined Reshape Boot Camp. In the first 21 days I lost 18 pounds and, more importantly, 4 inches off my waist. Since the workouts are early in the morning, I can be more consistent in my workout schedule. This was not realistic with my hectic schedule at work and at home. I now feel like I'm in control, and I can't wait to continue the program!

Rochelle, Greenwich

I cannot speak more positively about Patrick Jones and his Reshape by Patrick fitness and nutrition program. Exercise has been incorporated into my days since college (I am now 54) - I have tried a variety of programs and taken an assortment of classes, but can honestly attest that Patrick's boot camp is the perfect combination of activities to target every part of one's body. Throughout each week, he plans a program to work cardio, total body, upper body and lower body, with activities to encourage weight loss, endurance and muscle strength. Additionally, Patrick has provided us with an easy-to-follow nutrition program to facilitate weight loss and well-being. I am impressed with Patrick's commitment to our fitness, both as a group and on an individual basis. He is available to offer guidance, answer questions and provide the support from which we can all benefit. In addition to his well-planned Reshape program, he offers yoga classes in the park on various evenings as well. He is truly committed to our overall fitness and helping us reach our goals of weight loss and body transformation. Thank you Patrick!!

Lizzie, Norwalk

My life was very full, teaching all day, every day, going to the gym 4- 5 times a week. I was always tired and not seeing the physical results I wanted, until I came to Reshape. I tried just what I knew (which wasn't very much). I did just cardio and some abs, but no weight lifting. I tried to do low calorie diets which then left me hungry all the time. In the Reshape program, I lost 6 lbs and 1 % body fat in the first 21 days and now down over 15lbs!! I have been a member for 12 months and right now in the best shape of my life! Patrick is very positive and motivational. He pushes me more than I push myself beyond what I think I could do without any sort of force or negativity. His eating plan is very detailed and easy to follow. He is also easily reachable for questions or support, which, for someone who is trying to make a lifestyle change is very important! Thanks Reshape!!

Margot, New Canaan

I have had an amazing experience with Patrick. The combination of all body workouts and change in diet has gotten me to my goal of loosing 20 lbs faster then I thought possible. I have been amazed with my results. My weight has leveled off, but I feel I am adding more muscle while still loosing fat.

Allison, Stamford

II am down 14 lbs in less than 3 months- so I am happy! I love not knowing what the workout is going to be. Every time I leave find myself saying that was the best workout yet… I think not knowing what it’s going to be is what keeps me coming. Waking up and not knowing what to expect except and awesome workout keeps me motivated. I feel that when I am in class I am getting lots of attention and instruction. I like the little bits of motivation- the simple text messages that you would send made me proud of myself. Overall it has been a really good experience and I am happy I joined!

Brian F, Riverside

I have had an amazing experience with Reshape. The combination of all body workouts and change in diet has gotten me to my goal of loosing 20 lbs faster then I thought possible. I have been amazed with my results. My weight has leveled off, but I feel I am adding more muscle while still loosing fat.

Shiloh, Greenwich

I got lean and in my best shape for my police test in 2012. Thank you Reshape for doing that for me and all the support you have provided to make it happen.

Oleg, Stamford

Patrick helped me lose 15 lbs in the first 21 days. I have never experienced this fast results in my life. Patrick really has the “fat loss formula” so make sure you get on his program because it actually works. The nutritional part of the program is top notch and the workouts are extraordinary. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??

Mike, Stamford

With the help of Patrick I was able to lose over 30 pounds of fat. I have never been in the great shape in a long time!!!

Liz, Stamford

I joined Patrick and the Reshape program to “flush some extra fat” and have never experienced such an amazing program that gave me the results I really wanted. This is what the gym, CANNOT provide! Thanks!!!

Polyana, Stamford

It’s awesome!!! Its great energy here and very inspirational. When I started before the program I was 175lbs and now I am 149lbs. With Reshape and the program, I has lost over 26lbs in less than 4 months!!! Thank you Patrick!

Scott, Greenwich

Patrick got my self and (new wife) in shape for our wedding in 2012 and in 6 months I dropped 37 pounds!! Here is the before picture he took and new after ones to prove it. Do what ever he says!!

Nikhil, Stamford

I started at Reshape at 225lbs and now weight under 190lbs, losing over 35 pounds in less than 6 months. The weight problem started when I left my hometown of Mumbai for job in different cities. Until then I didn't need to workout. Before I knew it, I was almost 250 pounds or so in 2-3 years time. I also knew my dad got detected with diabetes... I took that as a sign... a big FLASHING RED sign and decided to do something about it and that is when I saw Patrick and the Reshape Program. I got hooked onto this concept of using your own body weight to lose weight because it was working! Every month I kept losing 5-10lbs with the help of Reshape, it was amazing!! Patrick himself is an excellent trainer & a great motivator, constantly pushing us to challenge ourselves, even taking us rock-climbing!!! If you are still thinking of joining Reshape, then take that next step of getting starting now!!!!

Alex, NYC

I have been working with Patrick for over 3 years and never have been able to get in this shape before. He has taken my body and nutrition to a new level and it shows…

Daisy, Greenwich

I have seen my body fat drop and my body get lean over the past year with Reshape. I have not looked this good in a long time! There is a camaraderie with everyone that participates in it, I think because we are all willing to get up before the sun does to get killed rain or shine that brings the group together. I think this is an important factor because when people initially think boot camp they withdraw and get frightened, but its a welcoming environment. The exercises are also unique because there is a lot of partner work and not only are you mainly using your body as a tool you are also using the environment you are in as well, whether it be a push up on a bench or another person to do a squat. I think what makes this so unique is Patrick. I think he takes the time to make every person feel like they are getting individual attention and wants each person to succeed in their journey, whether it be weight loss or maintenance. He is passionate about his mission and it shows with his interaction with people and the boot camps themselves. He takes time in each session which can sometimes have more than 30 people to make a connection with each individual and that is not an easy feat in 45 minutes. He also gives each person accountability away from the workouts, he does check ups to make sure you are doing OK and offers affirmation and advice if you are struggling or have questions. It gave me motivation to stick with the program and his passion for what he does is infectious and in turn makes you passionate about what you are doing as well It is also about nutrition and accountability. Patrick gives you a program. Not only does he do that but he also offers nutritional seminars and each week he sets time aside to discuss any issues you are having with the nutrition. You do to be doing this!!!

Kirstin, Greenwich

Those home exercises videos only go as far as the effort you put in. Working out with a group of people, exercising together, makes you put in more effort. Or at least that is what Reshape by Patrick has taught me. I started my new weight loss and getting fit journey by trying to find the right balance of food and exercise on my own. I say new, because I am a yo-yo dieter who has tried all the fad diets out there. Some I was successful at, others made me sick, but the weight always found its way back as I wasn’t able to stick to the plans. This time I was determined to stop feeling miserable about myself and make a change. I wanted to succeed by changing my eating habits where I could eat fresh foods instead of pre-packaged meals or paying tons of money for soup packets and bars. I did some research and lost about 14 pounds, but it came to a halt. I was very frustrated, as I thought I was doing everything right. So, when I found the opportunity to try out Reshape after some hestiation, I decided to give it a try. I hesitated because I am very overweight, self consious and worried that I would feel very uncomfortable and be surrounded by these people with perfect in-shape bodies who would stare at me and ask what I was doing there. I had no reason to be hesitant. There is a whole group of wonderful people of all shapes and sizes that are all after the same goal – to be healthy and fit. The instructors are all terrific and I leave the classes feeling energetic, inspired and proud of myself. Patrick takes the time to speak with you, provide one on one support and instruction and follows up, None of which I ever had when I used to be a member at a local gym. He also provided an eating plan to go along with the exercising, which has been a great guide. If there are questions along the way, I know I can ask Patrick. I have lost over 50 pounds!!!

Claudia, Cos Cob

I started and had a successful first 3 weeks, and thought I can do it on my own afterwards that I did not need any help. Then realized I couldn’t do it on my own and came back to Reshape and it was the best decision of my life. My body has completely transformed in the last few months. The secret is just coming to the workouts at least 2-3x a week. The eating plan is just amazing to ZAP the fat. I lost 3% body fat in just the first 21 days!!!!

Brad, Cos Cub

I have been supported by Patrick and the Reshape Team to hit reach my goals. It was really hard to put time in for my self after working 12 hours days, but I made it happen and have got into better shape because of the program.

Vince, New Canaan

I lost over 30 pounds working with Patrick and Reshape. He is an amazing trainer and is the best in Fairfield County. His workouts and nutritional programs are top notch, which got me in the best shape. Before this, I was feeling lazy, and really out of shape. I was not motivated to hit the gym and workout. Everything has changed now!!!!!

Christy, Greenwich

I am a 40 year old mother of 2 and I loved doing boot camp with Reshape. Patrick makes you work and you are sore in muscles you didn’t know you had ! It is such a great workout ! You have to put 100% in to get 100% out as I lost 4% body fat and 3 inches off my waist in just 30 days! That muffin top has disappeared! At the 5:30 am boot camp was awesome, you sweat, work, and hurt but it is all worth it to know your workout is done for the day!

Jess, Norwalk

Before Reshape I felt like I had tried everything and nothing worked. I went to the gym but never felt like I was getting a good work out in. It could have been because I didn't have anyone pushing me to work harder or because I didn't know exactly what to do. Either way I found that the gym didn't work. I also had a personal trainer for a while but after weeks and weeks it became so expensive and wasn't feeling as if I was accomplishing anything. I have felt so frustrated, unmotivated and unhappy with the way I have looked for years. I have been extremely uncomfortable with my body and it has taken away my confidence in what I wear and in my relationship.
 Then I found Reshape in Fairfield County through a friend! I tried it for a week and felt like this was something that could really work for me when I joined. I love that I feel like I am pushed to my limits every time I go to class! So happy I joined!

 I think it is different for so many reasons. One is the difference in the care the instructors have for the members. They care for each and every one of them and they push us to our limits which we all need. Since I started 3 months ago I have lost 10 lbs, lowered my pant size, gained confidence and fit into so many of my old skinny clothes! TRY THIS PROGRAM- IT REALLY WORKS! I wasn't sure if it was for me or if I could handle it- but you can! It is hard at first but it is totally worth it!! 

Jennifer, Greenwich

Patrick was the driving force I needed behind me to get me going and push myself to the level I could not push myself. Patrick was able to push me without being too hard. He was able to individualize each boot camp for the participant while still being in a group setting. Thank you!!

Kaitlin, Greenwich

I have been an athlete my entire life (played 3 sports in college, ran a marathon last year, and competed in triathlons) and over the years I have continued to let myself believe that because I exercised regularly I could eat whatever I wanted and drink alcohol in excess. However, I was always overweight and have never been happy with my body, and simply chalked it up to bad genes. The thing that makes the 28 day fat flush program better than other programs I have tried is the essential combination of both fat burning, high intensity workouts and the education about how to eat clean through a paleo based diet. Once I implemented a paleo eating regimen (which is very satisfying and I am never hungry), the results were amazing! I immediately lost several pounds and saw serious definition in my arms, legs and stomach. The most important knowledge that I have gained from the program is that no matter how many hours I put in at the gym or how many miles I run, if my nutrition stinks I will NEVER see the results I want. By eating clean for 28 days, I have seen results faster than I have ever seen on any other program I have tried. Thanks to Patrick for providing me with the tools to implement a clean eating lifestyle.

Gary Gordan

Patrick has been there for my health and fitness when I needed him most. He has shown genuine care and support to help me achieve over 10 lbs fat loss (so far!) and lots of body fat!!! I CAME IN WITH ALMOST NO KNOWLEDGE on nutrition and little with exercise and he not only helped me feel better but has taught me how to create a lifestyle to health and fitness. Now I have just completed his 21 day Solution program and with the top notch nutrition strategies and exercises I’ve SPED MY METABOLISM AND LOST ANOTHER 5 LBS IN 21 DAYS! Take a look below, the numbers don’t lie!

Charles, NYC

I have been with Patrick the last 3 years. When I first started was because I needed help with my workout routine. I was tired of not eating healthy, and I felt really flabby. Patrick was able to bring the balance of what to eat right and add the strength and cardio training for the workout. I have noticed mental, emotionally, and physically big time!!!! I recommend Patrick.

Eric, NYC

I just did not know what to eat and how to eat healthy but after consulting with you and having you help guide me I now feel and look so much better. I work out on a regular basis but I was not on the right food plan/had terrible eating habits. After speaking with you a few times and guiding me I am more knowledgeable about what I should and should not be eating. For all of those who are thinking about making an appointment to see Patrick you really should. It will only benefit you and he has a different format for every single person to meet their needs. He personally picks out food and gives you a list of the foods you should be consuming and for me I needed to bulk up as well as see better results from the gym. Thanks Patrick!

Coach Yari, Boca Raton

I had the great opportunity to share a unique experience when we were both selected amongst 8,000 people from all over the world in the first ever conducted apprentice hunt. It was conducted by some of the world’s best people in the industry of training, Juan Carlos Santana and Phil Kaplan. I completely understand why he was selected, he is a trainer that not only is knowledgeable, but one who really will go above and beyond to make those in need of help with training, nutrition, and improvement in quality of life. He is someone who cares about his clients and it shows! To me being in the industry for so many years, I have seen the best, the mediocre, and the below average trainers. Patrick is so well rounded, that it certainly puts him in a category that I like to call "admirable"! If my clients are ever in your area, I will most definitely have them train with you!

Lawrence, NYC

I was always a fat child since a kid. When I turned 27, I lost 3 family members and this pushed me to lose weight but I didn’t know how. I found Patrick and took me step by step to reach my goals. When we first started I was 304 pounds, and went down with him to 210 pounds. When we met it was 42 inch waist and now I am a 34 inch waist!! My goal is 180 pounds and I know Patrick will help me get there.


I learned a lot about nutrition and ways to do new exercises. Patrick was very knowledgeable and helped me created my own routines. Patrick is the best at helping others create fitness and nutrition part of your lifestyle. I was a busy entrepreneur and Patrick helped relive the “I don’t have time” excuse and get my workouts in. My hesitation was being able to keep my body fat low, while gaining weight. I always had a problem gaining MUSCLE weight. After working with Patrick, through the progression of exercises and controlling diet, I was able to gain muscle weight and keep body fat low. Thanks Patrick!!

Ms New York, United States

I've been seeing a difference ever since the first seven days after going through Patrick's orientation and nutrition assessment. I have never felt my neck look leaner; I see definition in my thighs and stomach, and my clothes loose like this. After completing his 21 Reshape Program I lost 10 lbs total! My body has completing changed! Thank you for providing me with the workouts and nutrition education and strategies it took to get me in shape for competition. Only with his program could I have done it. Ms. New York, United States lost 10 lbs and 3% BF in 21 days!

Lamont, NYC

I LOST 15 LBS IN 21 DAYS! For the past ten years I have been trying to lose the extra weight, before I started the program I was a whopping 200lbs, my body fat was 28 %, and waist 45 inches. The first 21 days I lost 15 lbs and 6 inches off my waist! Everyone would tell me that I carried my weight very well and I should not lose any weight. Now this made me very unhappy, so I went on all kinds of diets from Atkins to Nutrisystem, tried every weight-loss pills out there. Then I found Reshape and Patrick. The program was very different from what I am using to, the first week I ate bread, pasta, vegetables, meats, and fish. Now the exercises were difficult for me, not the routines, just the amount that is done. Week 2 was ok for me, but week 3 was hard with all the super-sets routines now that took a lot out of me. My results were great, I am now 182 lbs, 37inch waist, and my body fat is 20%. Going through the program with Patrick was a great experience for me; he explained the nutrition and workout aspects and its scientific approach on maximizing weight loss in the program. I was able to call him at any time with questions and concerns about the program and how I was feeling. He showed genuine care about my success on and off of the program, unlike other gyms trainers or diet programs. Now that I am on my own, I feel more empowered than before. I can’t wait until I reach my ultimate goal of 165!!!!!

Joe Rosati - Z100 Radio Host

Patrick Jones is brilliant in the field of nutrition and personal training. He constructed a great workout plan and diet for me to follow in my own home. All I had was a garage full of old dumbbells and he figured out a plan that would work! I am just a skinny guy looking to gain weight and he did it! He gave me the education I needed to feed my body the right way so I can eat the right kinds of foods and feel better about my self. He has the knowledge and power to change any person’s body.

Fernando Scarpa

My name is Fernando Scarpa and I am a renowned award winning theater and film director, and a producer in Europe and the United States. I have been pleased to lately meet PATRICK ALLAN JONES and to discover in him a truly sense of passion and dedication towards the world of health and fitness. Patrick is a talented motivational speaker, a diligent actor and performer who celebrates his passion with intense study and application. Is a pleasure to work close to him? From my experience, I can say that he is truly destined to develop extraordinary ability in the promotion of his own programs, in TV, in the media, in fitness and nutrition books. I’m sure he will make a brilliant and irreplaceable contribution to any project he will work on. The arts and media need a fresh motivated and serious talent like Mr. Jones and I am convinced that he will make soon his remarkably valuable addition. I welcome his desire to create his own Television Show and to present his scientific nutritional program to the widest communication. I put my faith on him. Sincerely, Fernando Scarpa www.fernandoscarpa.com

Diana Arena

Reshape in conjunction with other programs that Patrick has created made my transition from couch potato to a committed member both easy to follow and challenging at the same time. The benefits from his programs are endless in my opinion. If you stick to it, you will not be disappointed. The fat flush program has especially helped me shed more weight while helping me make a lifestyle change. I have more energy, have gone down two pant sizes, and overall feel much better about my body. I now have people coming up to me and complimenting me on how I look and others even ask for my advice about food- which is something that would NOT have happened a mere three months ago. This program has really made and impact on my lifestyle and I would like to thank Patrick and the rest of the Reshape family for helping me so far and keeping me motivated every step of the way.

Kate, Stamford

I started with Patrick because I wanted to get in better shape, tone, I was sick of the same old gym and same routine, working with a trainer, getting boring. I really enjoy working with Patrick and the way he pushes me to new limits to achieve my new goals. I really enjoy the workouts now, than in the past, dredging to go to the gym! Thanks Patrick!!!

Allison Jackson

Patrick is the best kept secret in Greenwich CT. He is extremely supportive, knowledgeable, and passionate about what he teaches Patrick goes above and beyond what instructors or personal trainers do in a regular gym. Patrick takes such pride and care in providing nutrition education, guidelines, and emotional support for weight loss. Patrick become voices in your head when working out alone or eating a meal at home. The energy and warmth of the people involved makes you feel as though you are a part of a real team of people who want to be healthier and better themselves. I feel stronger and healthier because of him. Thank you!

Erica Kennedy, NYC

Patrick’s program has completely changed my perspective on personal training. I started on his 21 Reshape Solution Program and lost several dress sizes and 2% body fat. Then onto his 15 body transformation training that literally transformed my body from 150lbs to 120lbs in less than 6 months! My energy has sky rocketed and my body has transformed from 30% body fat to 15! He is unique and different than any other trainer out there because he teaches you literally how to “be your own personal trainer knows that I could never obtain the same results without Patrick’s guidance, encouragement and support. He has taught me so much and I am very thankful! I definitely recommend him to anyone looking to get in amazing shape and be able to keep it up forever!!!

Angela Johnson

I feel better in general after 7 days. Sleeping better and less tired. I learned to eat not long after being awake vs waiting until later in the AM. This helped with energy. I really took the time to plan out my meals for the week vs winging it. The coaching was great for accountability. I did struggle with finding time in evenings to provide the end of date note.

Yvonne, Stamford

"I really enjoyed Patrick. It’s great for the session to always be changing and continuing to be super challenging. Patrick really gives personal attention. I would encourage anyone to try him out asap!!


I did the first 7 days and it has been life changing for me. I have changed the way I see my self dramatically. I started at 155 the very first day of the challenge which was more than I had weighed 3 days prior. Right now I am at 150 pounds..in just 5 days! My energy level has increased significantly and I don't drag along through the day. My mentality has also had a twist. I started not believing in myself and thinking that it would be impossible for me to look the way I want. In seven days I have realized how easy it is if I commit to something! My entire routine has changed which has made a difference. Also, having a short but effective workout has been amazing! I used to struggle because I hardly had time to go the gym and I didn't even know what to do to get the most out of it!

Nick, NYC

I felt lighter and more energy in less than 7 days. My arms are 1 inch bigger already after measuring, WOW! I also noticed my waist is smaller and feel much different.


I had a 4 year old daughter, I was overweight and I didn’t feel comfortable at the gym and my body. I hired Patrick and my body fat was crazy!! I started at 175lbs and Patrick got me to 150lbs.I was 28% body fat and with the Reshape program, my body fat was under 20%. WOW!!!


The past 7 days have been absolutely amazing. I learned a whole new lifestyle and way of thinking that works and doesn't really take anymore time out of my day. I learned how to plan ahead and hold myself accountable for my diet and exercise. My favorite part of the whole program was the one on one coaching. I loved having someone to ask questions and also to just tell them what I was thinking or feeling anytime of the day. My energy has improved as well as my health. I have a lot of digestive issues ( bloating, nausea, abdominal pain and cramping, fatigue, and sometimes vomiting. ) I am happy to report that my greatest result from doing the 7 day jumpstart is all those problems have pretty much gone away. All I had to do was change the way I was eating and increase the amount of water I was drinking. Before starting the program I would eat and exercise whenever I wanted. I would make up excuses on why I didn't succeed or keep up with whatever plan I had. Now I have a schedule and specific diet I stick to. I exercise everyday. Over the last 7 days I have lost 3.6 lbs, 1.5 inches in my hips and 2 inches in my waist and have gotten rid of a lot of inflammation. This program is different from anything else I have tried because it forced me to change the way I think. Especially about myself. I didn't realize how negative I was. Patrick was great at coaching and is passionate about helping other people achieve there goals. He was easy to talk too and has really great advise and he answered every question I had. I would recommend this program to everyone.Because it truly works. The one on one coaching is great. Patrick gives you all the tools you need to succeed. Ashley

Kal, Stamford

I wanted to try something different after my fat loss stopped. I started the Reshape program and right away saw results because of the workouts and nutrition. I noticed right away my jeans fitting better and my face bloat went away. I lost 12 pounds, 2.5 inches of my waist in the first 21 days and was amazed. I was not sure at first if I could do it but with support of Patrick and his team I was able to surpass all my goals.

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